Demystifying Astrology – Connecting You to your Self

Demystifying Astrology – Connecting You to your Self


One of my most inspiring teachers always says “Remember – Emotion is Energy in Motion”. It might not sit right with those who cringe at the word “energy”. What is energy anyways?!… Next!


Wait, this is not what this article is about. This is for those who say “if I can’t touch it then it’s not real and so I don’t believe it”.

Can you touch your emotions?  No, we can’t literally hold them on the flat of our palm. Does it mean you don’t believe in them? If you could touch them – would you believe in them? There are so many of us are out of touch with our emotions. It has become the norm and it is a reality for many. Emotions are scary! Especially the strong ones. They are scary because we’ve been brought up with the primary teachings of how not to express emotions, in other words how to “keep your shit together”.


There are so many of us are out of touch with our emotions. It has become the norm and it is a reality for many

A person in the middle of the street jumping up and down and clapping their hands in joy is an idiot and the woman screaming at her husband is a bitch, meanwhile a boss screaming at their employee is an angry asshole. These are exaggerated emotions, of course, but many of us are uncomfortable with even the mildest forms of anger, sadness, grief and even happiness!

We don’t trust them. We don’t believe them. We have an urge to fix them!


Why are emotions not OK in our society? I remember when I was 5 my mother pointed out another child throwing a temper tantrum in the middle of the store and said “Look how stupid this looks form the side. That’s what it looks like when you cry. It is embarrassing.” I might not remember the exact words, but I dam well remember the exact feelings! Rather, one feeling – shame. I wasn’t even crying at the time, but I sure felt the shame. I carry this feeling around with me and pay attention to what people think of me, or how I look to others in everything I do, to this day. Even though my mother said it only once more than 20 years ago – I perpetuated and amplified her voice in my head through years and now I’m in my adulthood and feeling ashamed to cry even when I’m alone. Oh, no, what if someone will find out that I cried last night on the couch because something saddened me?


This is a simplistic but real example of the process that happens to every single one of us to some degree and in all matters of emotional expression. We came into this world pure and innocent with our own predispositions. All babies want food, sleep and comfort, but why are some babies quieter and some are fussier? You don’t get a chance to teach a newborn how to be quiet and how to ask for food – they know how and they do it in their own unique and natural to them ways. Then they get older and we tell them “don’t cry or I’ll give you something to cry about”, “boys don’t cry”, “stop being a sissy” – essentially the message is “you are bad for asking for something” and I hope you feel in your heart how damaging that is to a child’s psyche. But we’re resilient creatures and know how to defend ourselves and find a way to express what we want in other ways.  So, I, the child still want that toy, but I’m not allowed to cry for it so I will hit my brother over the head in anger and then go sit in the corner, pout and chew on my nails. Does that sound familiar? There is a causality and deterrent flow of emotions when the true emotion is not allowed to come through in a natural and healthy way.


One of the ways to get in touch with yourself is to learn about what is that natural way in which you came here to show yourself

Do you want to get in touch with your emotions? Do you want to know the true reason behind the anger and the aggression? Behind the perpetual sadness that follows you around, behind the constant fake smile on your face and the constant “sorry” and “thank you”?  One of the ways to get in touch with yourself is to learn about what is that natural way in which you came here to show yourself. It is still there, it was just abandoned because it wasn’t ok at some point. If the freedom wasn’t taken away from you and you were allowed to reflect yourself onto the world in your own unique way – what would it be?


This is where Astrology makes a Grand Entrance

Although some therapeutic work is required, either on your own or facilitated, astrology can help get to the truth quick and aid in further self-exploration. It is a tool that can help you resonate with your true natural self. Moon is said to govern our emotional responses and natural flows. Same way the Moon reflects the light form the Sun, our emotions are facilitators of our responses to the outer world. It is our greatest communication device! In astrology we consider the Sun-Moon blend to help you get an understanding of what is your natural unique own way of being is.

In astrology we consider the Sun-Moon blend to help you get an understanding of what is your natural unique own way of being is


Imagine a situation when you would feel a strong emotion, say – someone did something that is unfair to you. How do you usually respond? Take a few moments to ponder on that. Now, how do you really want to respond? Why haven’t you reacted how you wanted to in the first place?  Have you ever walked away from a situation thinking “I should have said …” and playing out a scenario of how a situation would have turned out if you did do what you wanted to? What really happened here is your first-instinct response reminded you, subconsciously, of a similar situation from the childhood where you were reprimanded for acting out of your nature. (i.e. your teacher scolded your for something you didn’t do, you tried explaining yourself but the teacher called your parents). So you remembered the teaching of what was “the lesson” at that time (i.e. don’t talk back to your teacher) and executed the same thing in the given situation now (i.e. didn’t defend yourself when someone wrongfully accused you). You abandoned the wanted and didn’t follow through with what is right for you now.  Then you walk away and fantasize about what you should have said or done, because that is your true self reminding you of who you really are!


Our lives can literally turn into that fantasy if only we recognized our own lost voices and stayed true to ourselves, learned it and built on it. Everyone has their main “theme” of being – their own unique shine and their own unique needs that drives their own unique purpose in life. Recognizing, embracing and, most importantly, honouring your own unique self is the key to fulfillment. So, let’s see what needs pave your way by gleaning into your Sun-Moon blend and watch how it resonates with your true, potentially abandoned self.


Warning:  Proceed with caution. Your ego might not like it because this has the potential to rip down some strong defences!


Step 1

Find your Sun and Moon sign. Without an astrologer’s help, you can use these sites. Enter your date and time of birth along with the approximate birth location from the available drop down list.  If you can’t find out the exact birth time, you might benefit from getting a professional astrologer to do something that is called Chart Rectification. If you know approximate time, that could also work, but keep in mind that the results might be off as the Moon changes signs every 2.5 days, thus if you happened to be born at time when moon was transiting from one sign to another, it can throw off your interpretation, and no one wants to be even more confused than they already are, we are seeking truth here after all!


Sun Sign Calculator: Click here

Moon Sign Calculator:  Click here


Step 2

In the table below, find your Sun and Moon sign and trace the interpretation.  This table has been borrowed from one of the greatest astrological counsellors and teachers Noel Tyl. For example, if you find out that your Sun is in Sagittarius and your Moon is in Virgo. The key words in the interpretation would be that you shine in the energy of self-assertion, standing up for what is right and in the ability to affect thought. You try and achieve it by following your instinctual need for being correct, exact and insightful to others. Let’s take another blend. Suppose you were born with the Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Aries. That would mean that you shine in the energy of innovation, intellectualization and connection to others and you strive to fulfill that by satisfying the underlying personal need to be Number One.


Astrology Table


How do you feel about your blend?  Are you living according to your own principles?


Julia Zheretiy

Author – Julia Zheretiy

Bio – Julia is an astrologer (CAAE Diploma candidate) and a psychotherapist in training. She aspires to create insightful cocktails, utilizing the mysteries of astrology, human psychology and a dash of humour. She hails from the beautiful dales of Eastern Europe and speaks Russian and Ukranian.

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Image Courtesy – Remko van Dokkum @ Flickr Creative Commons

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