An Emotionalyst’s Tribute to 2014

An Emotionalyst’s Tribute to 2014

2014. What a year, eh? If 2013 was a boy scout then 2014 was a WW2 veteran. You’ve seen nothing yet, son. I guess that’s how it felt for a lot of us here on our Earthly outpost. It has been a rollercoaster; the good, the bad and the ugly. Not only at a personal level but also at the world stage.


But I guess the juggernaut of human experience rolls on. We move on, from the most traumatic of experiences as well as from the most joyous occasions of our life. We survived 2014 and we also thrived in 2014.


While all this was happening, a little website was born. A blog that was the labour of love of someone who wanted to share his experiences with a larger audience and draw them into talking about things that get swept under the carpet.


A mouthpiece was created for the ordinary experience. In the lifelong hustle to leave a larger than life legacy, a website was dedicated to glean wisdom from life’s little experiences.

In the lifelong hustle to leave a larger than life legacy, a website was dedicated to glean wisdom from life’s little experiences


Life was given to The Emotionalyst. From the creative womb of my laptop was birthed The Emotionalyst, taking its first gasps of air, as it was delivered to the midwives of our online social network.


From then on it has been a sometimes sweet and sometimes frustrating journey of getting my voice heard amidst the cacophony of blogs and media content, akin to a stock-market floor at 10 am on a Monday.


I had no previous writing experience nor did I have any previous website design experience. Hence I was shooting in the dark to some extent. It was just my desire to create this medium to reach out that has kept me going. This is where I want to thank all my dear friends, supporters, subscribers and social media followers for giving me a kind, passionate and engaged audience to play my song of life to and for all the feedback and encouragement.


Now if you ask me, how was 2014 for you personally, I could direct you to the applicable blog posts to answer that question. But you know what? We all love an executive summary. Most of us don’t have the patience to read through reams of content and I am guilty of that to some extent too.


So here is the executive summary of my personal life through 2014. The holy nectar from the gamut of experiences I had the privilege of experiencing this year.


  • I enjoy learning new skills and if I put my heart into it, then I can accomplish seemingly humongous tasks without breaking a sweat


  • The concept of effortless manifesting has a key component to it that everyone overlooks. How does one define effort? If your effort is in the form of dedication to a goal and putting a lot of hard labour into it then that’s great but it also sounds like a lot of work. Instead, if you have a goal but transform it into play, learn through the curious meanderings of our inner child and follow the intuitive guidance of your heart, then effort becomes effortless and you will find the assistance you need. At the right time


  • Love is a choice. You can’t genuinely expect another person to love you, even if you love them. Every morning, when you get up, you make a choice to love them and just hope that they do so too. If they don’t, then it hurts like hell. But you can’t take away their right to choose, because then it’s not love – it’s need


  • To Be Yourself, it’s first imperative to know who that Self is. I don’t just mean the Eternal Essence residing within all of us. I mean our personality, our vivid and vibrant sub-conscious self and all its urges, desires and motivations. Only when I try my darnedest to know myself through emotionalyzing experiences, can I learn to accept myself and hence develop genuine, inner self-confidence


  • Breakups can show you what is truly important in your life and what you truly desire. But you need a special pair of eyes to see that, which then needs to be used while being gentle on our selves


  • Accepting myself, with all my great qualities, weaknesses and insecurities, is the only way I can truly love myself

Accepting myself, with all my great qualities, weaknesses and insecurities, is the only way I can truly love myself


  • Self-acceptance opens up a shining, new door of compassionate personal transformation. Then you change, not because you suck, but because you can be so much more


I can keep going for a while but I guess you get the point. This has been a big year for me and maybe it has been for you too.


Now, I look to the quickly rising horizon of 2015 and all the experiences that will be falling into my lap as I start seeing psychotherapy clients for my case studies, travel to new places, have new relationships and friendships and grow The Emotionalyst as I grow as a person.


2014 – So long and thanks for all the fish.




Ayan Mukherjee


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