What to Expect in a Holistic Psychotherapy Session

What to Expect in a Holistic Psychotherapy Session


This is Episode 7 of the Get Psyched with Ayan vlog series.



If you try searching for a therapist online, or on Psychology Today, you might be overwhelmed by the terms and the jargon and the different types of psychotherapy that is out there. One of those types of psychotherapy is holistic psychotherapy and it can also be called integrative psychotherapy. It is my style of conducting therapy and in this video I will tell you more about this school of therapy and what you can expect in a session with me.


I would like to start by defining my brand of holistic psychotherapy. There are 3 core principles of therapy that I follow –


  1. Client is inherently wise and whole – Regardless of how “messed up” my client is on the outside, I believe that he is not broken, that he is whole and there is goodness in his core Self. He also carries a deep wisdom within his body. He might be disconnected from that wisdom, but it is nevertheless present and I would work on reconnecting his conscious mind to this body wisdom
  2. Focus on the Root Cause – I believe that it is important to alleviate and manage symptoms, but you are more than your symptoms and your addictions. My approach is to firstly teach you how to manage your symptoms and put on a band-aid and then focus on the root cause behind the symptoms and heal and reintegrate the parts of you that are causing them
  3. Reintegration over eradication – If I have a client with some form of addiction, then my aim is not to eradicate the addict in him or to stop him from addicting. My aim is to reintegrate the addict within him with the rest of his psyche. I believe in reintegrating the difficult parts to you, vs. trying to remove them or repress them


Having defined my style of holistic psychotherapy, I want to share 5 things that you can expect from me as your holistic psychotherapist –


  • My Client Focus – I have a strong focus on working with men, especially between the ages of 18-40. This niche further includes men from South Asian ethnicities, entrepreneurs, new immigrants, 2nd generation immigrants and those working in the corporate world. When it comes to issues, my focus is on self-esteem issues, anxiety, work stress, men’s issues, life and career transitions, chronic stress caused due to trauma, cultural issues and existential issues


  • Client-centered – The therapy session is all about you and your needs are upheld at all times. Regardless of what intervention or modality we are using, if it doesn’t work for you, then we chuck it and find something that does work for you. If you don’t want to work with me, then that’s totally acceptable and I will offer referrals to other therapists who might be better suited for your needs.


  • Intake session and confidentiality – During our first official therapy session, I will be collecting information that gives me a snapshot of your life, through an intake form. It is very important for me to understand your background and I will fill the form with you, as I believe that it helps to build trust and rapport in our new therapeutic relationship. Without those two key ingredients, no good therapeutic work is possible. I shall also be explaining the privacy clauses inherent to our work together and you will need to sign a confidentiality agreement


  • Expect Creativity and to be Gently Challenged – I like to use creative modalities to deepen your experience and to facilitate the transformation that you are looking for. I use modalities such as hypnosis, guided imagery, EMDR, IFS and body psychotherapy. I like to go above and beyond traditional talk therapy and use safe and effective modalities that can get you out of your story telling and into your body for deeper and more long-term healing and integration


  • Accountability and Integrity – These two ideals are very dear to me and I hold myself to a very high standard. I will deliver on my promises, be punctual and professional in my behaviour. If I make a mistake then I shall take full responsibility for my actions and make amends. Also as a part of the professional code of ethics, if I am your therapist, then I cannot be your friend and that establishes the boundaries around our interaction outside of the therapy session


Have you experienced holistic psychotherapy? If so, then please share your experience with me. If you have more questions about any of this, or you need tips on how to find a therapist, then please ask. Also please subscribe to my Youtube channel for more videos of this kind.


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