Depression in Men

Depression in Men

There is a lot of talk about depression and suicide going around these days. Yet, there is not enough focus on depression in men.


Given below are some ways in which depression in men can exhibit differently from the way we think about depression in general –


Men are often unable to identify the underlying symptoms of depression, as many of us find it difficult to talk about our feelings and often don’t have a language for it.


Men are more prone to focus on the physical aspects of the symptoms, like headaches, body aches, sleep issues and sexual dysfunction and the underlying depression can go untreated.


Men often don’t have a network of friends with whom they can open up emotionally and be vulnerable. Men can experience terrible loneliness, despite having many friends and this often results in them seeking out instant sexual gratification, instead of true intimacy.


Socially, men find more acceptance in expressing anger than sadness. Hence the underlying depression can often mask itself in the form of anger, irritability, a defensive and falsely inflated ego and substance abuse.


Often sexual problems, such as erectile dysfunction or infertility can trigger depression in men. The other causes are due to repressed feelings surrounding grief, loss and sudden change.


Men often see it as a sign of weakness to seek help or go to therapy. Therapy has been portrayed as a more feminine way of dealing with issues, where we just sit and talk about our feelings. Men are often put off by that and it goes against their socialization.


My Therapeutic Approach

In my work with men as a psychotherapist, I have seen that once they buy into the process of change and therapy, they can be the most dedicated and hardworking clients ever. They can then make great strides in therapy and personal growth.


My style of therapy is geared towards men. It is more active, adventurous, intensive and compassionately challenging. I utilize a lot of creative exercises and techniques and make my clients work for their growth in our sessions.


Free Phone Consultation

If you want some focused, intensive and “manly” therapeutic assistance with your depression or depressed mood, then contact me for a free 30-min phone consultation and we can go from there.


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