Healthy Masculinity

Healthy Masculinity

Our perception of masculinity, both toxic and healthy is coming up for debate like never before. Especially with all the sexual abuse allegations flying around in the media these days and as men in power are being exposed for their misdeeds at an exponential rate.


Instead of blaming it all on patriarchy and heaping guilt on men, I am passionate about guiding men to heal their associations with their masculinity. Masculinity in itself is not toxic. What is toxic is the way it has been manipulated by the powers that be and by society itself.


Women these days receive social narrative scripts that are very different from what their mothers and grandmothers received. It is a lot more empowering, career oriented and about taking their well-deserved space in various aspects of society. So women are changing and growing rapidly, but as men, are we keeping up?


Unfortunately, men are still receiving social narrative scripts that are quite similar to what our fathers and grandfathers received. Beers, babes, sports and war (real or imaginary), seems to dominate that narrative. We are not being taught how to embrace our feminine qualities, while women are increasingly becoming familiar with their masculine qualities.


Men are unable to keep up with the pace at which women are growing and we are becoming deadweights in our relationships. Also there is a lot of shame when a man doesn’t size up to the social and peer-based standards of what it is to be a man and to “man up”.


Also, boys are no longer going through a healthy initiation ceremony into manhood, like our ancestors did. Today this initiation is often in the form of porn, drugs, underage sex or gang initiations. Countries, companies and households are being run by insecure and immature boys, masquerading as grown men.


My Therapeutic Approach

In my practice, I specialize in counselling for men. We will work at reconnecting you to the healthy aspects of masculinity and discover and reprogram the wounded aspects. We will work to bring you closer to wholeness, by helping you own your feminine qualities, without any stigma. Qualities such as receptivity, emotional fluency, cooperation, nurturance, etc. You will learn when to bring in which energy, based on the situation. When to channel the masculine warrior and when to bring in your feminine nurturer.


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Contact me for a free 30-min phone consultation and we can have a “manly” talk about this.


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