Loss of Motivation & Productivity

Loss of Motivation & Productivity

I often see clients who have been quite successful in their careers, who climbed the corporate ladder quickly and efficiently and then hit a wall of low motivation and meaninglessness. They come with questions such as, “What am I doing with my life?”, “I am unable to find meaning in my work anymore”, “I have a good job, great family, a house and a car, then why do I feel so unfulfilled?”, “I can’t find the motivation to go to work anymore, but I need to pay the bills. Help?” “I am 35 and I have already achieved most of my professional goals and aspirations. Now what?”


Also, in such situations, typical motivational talk or goal setting doesn’t work, as we must first look at the underlying feelings of meaninglessness, loss of agency and drive. With such clients, I focus on reconnecting them with their Inner Child. That playful, curious child within you, who holds the key to your creativity. This child often gets buried in our day-to-day hustle and the never ending deadlines and to-do lists.


There can also be some level of perfectionism, all-or-nothing thinking patterns and unrealistic expectations. For example, if I didn’t own a successful business by the age of 35, or became a CEO by then, my career is worthless or meaningless.


My Therapeutic Approach

We can look at finding what is meaningful to you, clarifying your values and connecting you with the curiosity and playfulness of your inner childlike self. This often requires reprogramming and offloading the burden of shame that this child received, when he was told by his caretakers to not play, to stifle his curiosity, to forsake the joys of living in the moment and focus primarily on securing his future. You can then tap into that creativity and design the life and career that gives you joy, satisfaction and meaning. Once you are connected to that part of you, then motivation and productivity flow on their own.


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If you are feeling stuck in your career and this article resonates with you, then contact me for a free 30-min phone consultation and we can work on getting you connected to your creative self.


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