Work Stress Management & Burnout

Work Stress Management & Burnout

In the fast-paced and hectic life of the corporate professional, work stress is a given. Unrealistic deadlines or sales targets, doing the work of two employees, working on weekends, somehow keeping your head above water with a relentless boss. You might have learnt how to cope with your highly stressful job, but it is taking a silent toll on your mind and your body.


Given my focus on workplace mental health and my own background in corporate banking, I often see clients who thought they could handle the crazy workload at their corporate job. In the initial years they would have received quick promotions, big bonuses and a good deal of recognition.


But then management started taking them for granted and piled on more and more work, until they have some kind of breakdown or a meltdown. It can often be in the form of panic attacks or debilitating anxiety. There can be other, less debilitating signs of burnout, but essentially it’s the body saying, “Stop!” Till then, they didn’t think that they needed therapy or help. But now as they are this close to taking short term disability leave, they decide to reach out for help.


If you resonate with this description, then I can tell you that it is never too late to get therapeutic help and I know where you are coming from. If you are reading this and you resonate with it, but haven’t had your breakdown, then I would say that don’t wait till you hit rock bottom.


My Therapeutic Approach

In such situations, I focus on two aspects. First is improving my client’s tolerance to stress and teaching him calming skills and the importance of self-care.


The second aspect is to improve his self-esteem and his ability to say no to his bosses and to enforce his workplace boundaries in a healthy way. This often involves identifying limiting core beliefs, like “I am not good enough” and reprogramming them to something more positive and empowering. Then we work on assertive communication skills to maintain healthy boundaries.


Free Phone Consultation

If you resonated with this article and want to improve your resilience towards work stress and avoid burnout, then contact me for a free 30-min phone consultation and we will go from there.


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