Crisis Services

  • EMERGENCIES CAMH (Centre for Addiction and Mental Health at the Clarke Institute) 416 535-8501 extension 6885 (24 hour service) – website
  • Distress Centre 416-408-4357 – website
  • Durham Region 1-800-742-1890
  • Peel Mobile Crisis 905-278-9036
  • Scarborough Mobile Crisis 416-495-2891
  • St.Elizabeth Mobile Crisis (Etobicoke and North York) 416-498-0043
  • The Gerstein Crisis Centre 416-929-5200 (suicide prevention) – website
  • Aboriginal Crisis Centre 416-531-0330
  • 310 Cope (York Region, Richmond Hill and Newmarket) 310-2673
  • St. Michael’s Hospital Toronto Downtown 416-864-5346

General Resources and Social Services

  • CRCT Community Resource Connections of Toronto – website
  • 211 Community Connection publishes the annual Blue Book guide to community, social, health and government services – website
  • Telehealth 1-866-797-0007 –  website

Family and Immigrant Services

  • Across Boundaries provides resources to those in ethnic communities needing a particular understanding of their cultural issues – website
  • India Rainbow – website. Provides community-based social services in Peel region. Includes services for women living in abusive situations.
  • Jamaican Canadian Association/Caribbean 416-746-5772 – website. They provide Youth and Family Services, including a program for abused and assaulted Black and Caribbean women 16 yrs and over (including seniors and sexual abuse survivors).
  • Jewish Family and Child Service 416-638-7800 – website. Groups for children, parenting groups for parents of children who have witnessed domestic violence. Short term (kosher) accommodation for assaulted women and children. Also provides support in Russian and Hebrew.
  • Anduhyan Emergency Shelter Crisis Line – 416-531-7127 – website. Residence and emergency shelter; services available in Cree, Mohawk, Ojibway, French.
  • Interval House 416-924-1491 – website. Centre and shelter for abused women and children, with services available in Cantonese, French, Hungarian, Polish and Somali.

Domestic Violence

  • Assaulted Women’s Helpline 1-866-863-051
  • Toronto Shelters Central Intake 416-397-5637. For anyone who is in need of hostel/shelter services.
  • Barbara Schlifer Commemorative Clinic 416-323-9149 – website. Providing individual and group counseling for women who are survivors of violence.
  • METRAC (Metropolitan Action Committee on Violence Against Women and Children) 416-392-3135 – website. Providing counseling/ group work and education workshops.
  • DVERS (Domestic Violence Emergency Response System) 416-808-7077. Provides home alarm systems in coordination with police, for individuals who are at high risk of violence by an intimate ex-partner and reside in the City of Toronto.
  • John Howard Society of Toronto 416-925-4386 – website. They offer counseling services, anger management group work, and treatment programs for men charged with domestic assault.
  • Family Service Association of Toronto 416-595-9618 – website. They offer counselling, support groups and educational workshops for women who are or have been in situations of partner abuse and group counseling program for men who have engaged in domestic abuse.
  • North York Women’s Centre 416-781-0479 – website. Groups for women who have experienced violence, courses, workshops, information and referral.
  • Regional Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault 416-495-2800
  • Care Centre – Domestic Violence Program at The Scarborough Hospital – website. 24-hr nurse for supportive counseling, safety planning, and abuse documentation in cases of domestic violence. Interpreters for various languages are available. Services in ASL, Cantonese, Mandarin, Tamil.
  • Women’s College Campus Sunnybrook and Women’s College Health Sciences Centre – Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Care Centre 416-323-6040 – website. 24-hour program for women and men; medical assessment and treatment; psychological and social support; cultural interpreters available.

Addictions, Drugs and Alcohol

  • Addiction Research Foundation Info Line 416-595-6111
  • Alcoholics Anonymous 416-487-5591 – website
  • Renascent (alcohol and drug addiction treatment) 866-232-1212 – website
  • Homewood in Guelph offers specialized treatment for gambling addiction – website
  • Breakaway Addiction Services in Parkdale-Liberty Village, Toronto is a community service providing a wide range of addiction services based on a harm-reduction philosophy with support programs for youth and family members – website
  • Women’s Own Detox Crisis Line 416-603-1462
  • NARC Anonymous 416-236-8956 – website
  • Smoker’s Helpline 1-877-513-5333

Professional Bodies

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